Hot Spots Get Pricier


Hot Spots Get Pricier. Tourist destinations are getting more expensive as they try to manage crowds and boost revenue.

Ponying Up

If you’ve got plans to climb Mount Fuji in Japan, be prepared to dish out $13. And those tourist rail passes? They’re 70% pricier now. But hey, with the yen being weak, it’s still a decent time for travelers from abroad.

Heading to Seville’s Plaza de España? Get ready to pay an entry fee soon. The Louvre in Paris? Yup, ticket prices have shot up by almost a third, just in time for the Paris Olympics this summer.

And don’t think you’re safe from price hikes in the US either. Walt Disney World Resort has already jacked up its park ticket prices for next year, with some tickets now $10 more expensive.

Love and Heartbreak in Paris and London

Remember the romantic rendezvous in Paris or London that made your heart flutter? Well, one Italian teen’s chance encounter in Trafalgar Square led to love, while another Londoner’s heart was broken under the Eiffel Tower. But hey, life goes on.

Aviation Antics

In Thailand, airport authorities found a menagerie of animals stashed in luggage bound for Mumbai. Meanwhile, in China, a flight was delayed for hours because someone decided to toss coins into the engine for “good luck.” And let’s not forget the United Airlines flight where the engine caught fire midair, giving passengers the fright of their lives.

Life in Italy

In Italy, an Aussie woman bought a palazzo in Lazio for a steal, hoping for a fresh start. And an Arizona couple ditched the high cost of living in the US for a simpler life in Basilicata. Did it pay off? CNN’s got the scoop.

Learning Languages for Adventure

If you’re dreaming of your own overseas adventure, start by brushing up on your language skills. Check out CNN Underscored’s top picks for language-learning apps in 2024.

In summary, traveling to your favorite destinations might cost you a bit more these days, but the experiences and adventures are still worth it. Whether you’re falling in love in Paris, navigating aviation mishaps, or starting a new life in Italy, there’s always something exciting waiting for you out there.

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